6+ fully funded PhD position (for 4 years) at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Florence

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The PhD course in Political Science and Sociology of Scuola Normale Superiore is methodologically pluralist and multidisciplinary. Taught in English and truly international in student composition and faculty experience, it combines structured teaching with close, supportive supervision. The duration of the programme and its grant is four years.

Democracy and social movements.
This stream looks at social movements, civil society, participative democracy, political violence, new media from sociological and political science perspectives.

International political economy. 
This stream examines the transformations of capitalism, and in particular economic internationalization (globalization, Europeanisation, global industries, finance, migrations), changes in work and employment (digitalisation, industrial relations, new labour conflicts and inequalities) and the governance of these processes through policies, institutions and agency at multiple levels.

Comparative politics and society.
This area focuses on the comparative understanding of political parties, interest groups, civil society and public opinion, with particular attention to new political actors and practices. 

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