BBS | M. Fressura, “A fragment of Justinian’s Digest in P.Ryl. III 480” | 17/5, 11.30

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Brown Bag Seminar

Co-organized by UCRC and the Laboratory of Papyrology and Epigraphy

Marco Fressura, PhD

Ricercatore universitario a tempo determinato in Papirologia,

Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici, Università degli Studi Roma Tre

“A fragment of Justinian’s Digest in P.Ryl. III 480”

Monday, 17 May 2021, 11.30 EEST (GMT +3)

To join us, click the following link at the specified time and date:

Meeting ID: 923 7703 6381 Passcode: 559219


The small Latin papyrus fragment P.Ryl. III 480 remained without identification until very recently, when it proved to preserve the text of the last chapter of Justinian’s Digest Book 28. The piece must come from a 6th century multiple volume edition of that massive legal anthology, most likely the same to which P.Ryl. III 479 (Justinian’s Digest Book 30) once belonged. The reconstruction of the original page of the papyrus codex leads us to the conclusion that the text of P.Ryl. III 480 was not only different from but also better than that of the highly authoritative Codex Florentinus (6th century), on the basis of which Theodor Mommsen produced his reference edition of Justinian’s Digest (1870), still in use today.

Marco Fressura graduated in Classical Philology (2006) and received his PhD (2010) from the Università Roma Tre. After a three years fellowship at the same university, he joined the research team of the ERC Project REDHIS, housed at the University of Pavia (2014-2020). He has been teaching Papyrology at Università Roma Tre since 2012. His research interests lie in Greek and Latin literary papyri, particularly as witnesses of ancient bilingual glossaries and works of the Roman law.

* Brown Bag Seminars at UCRC aim to create an informal atmosphere for researchers to present their ongoing research, stimulate cross-disciplinary dialogue, generate questions, and possibly some good answers.

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