Affiliations: Institutes

As set out in the UCRC’s Founding Regulation  and with the aim of strengthening international collaborations, interdisciplinary research and the linkages between  research and society, the Center may establish agreements with Universities, research, financial, social and cultural organizations both in Greece and, especially abroad, in order to develop joint actions.

Joint actions may concern organized processes of knowledge transfer, interdisciplinary research and exploitation of new technologies, the promotion of the mobility of researchers, the support of junior researchers, educational activities, the development of responsible research and innovation, the utilization and dissemination of research findings, the development or use of  research and educational infrastructures, the enhancement of funding opportunities  and the participation in research consortia.

UCRC holds Cooperation Agreements with: the Institute of Technology and Research (FORTH) and its institutes / bodies, with the National Center for Social Research (EKKE), as well as with The Steinbright Career Development Center at Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA, USA). A more recent  institutional affiliation was established with the Health Education Section of the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine (CSFM) at the Medical Faculty, University of Crete.