Visiting Researchers

According to Art. 1 para. 3 of its Organisation and Operation Regulation, UCRC (ΚΕΜΕ-ΠΚ) welcomes visiting fellows to promote international collaborations, interdisciplinary research and public outreach and engagement.  

Applications should be made to the UCRC Secretariat by submitting a CV, a brief description of the research program and the activities the applicants intend to carry out during their cooperation with any of the laboratories or programs listed in the UCRC website. The research activity and the duration of the visit can be up to 6 months with the possibility of an extension up to one year. The application shall be accompanied by a letter of acceptance from the Director of the laboratory or the person in charge of the research program intending to host the visiting fellow at UCRC.

Visiting researchers are appointed to three schemes corresponding to the position they hold in their home institution and their research experience, and by decision of the Director of the UCRC, they are given the following status: "Visiting Research Professor ", "Visiting Senior Researcher", "Visiting Researcher".

Visiting researchers are entitled to use the University's infrastructure and facilities (libraries, study rooms, laboratories, etc.) in accordance with the policies of the relevant academic institutions applicable to faculty members. UCRC’s administration, in collaboration with the laboratory directors and the leaders of the listed programs, ensure the proper placement of the visiting fellows (working space, academic mail, office equipment) and mediate with the appropriate services of the University to facilitate their stay in Rethymno, Crete (housing, health care, transportation, etc.).

During their stay, visiting fellows participate in UCRC events and offer a seminar/lecture on their research program. They are also requested to make reference to their affiliation as visiting researchers to the UCRC and its support in all communications, dissemination activities and publications resulting from their research conducted during this period.

Relevant Documents: Application, Organization and Operation Regulation of UCRC, UCRC Regulation of Academic Visitors

Visiting Fellows at UCRC

Marianna Fotaki, Professor in Warwick University, UCRC Visiting Research Professor in the Laboratory of Social Analysis and Applied Social Research (23/10/2018 – 16/11/2018).

Giorgos Lekkas, Associate Professor of Law School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, UCRC Visiting Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Bioethics (17/10-21/10), Lecture upon invitation by the Postgraduate Program of Bioethics


Andy Green, Professor of Comparative Social Science, Director of the ECRC-funded LLAKES Research Centre, UCL-IoE (05-06/2018)

Leonidas Oikonomakis, UCRC Visiting Researcher at the Laboratory of Social Analysis and Applied Social Research (2017-2018)

Aspasia Papachiou,UCRC Visiting Researcher at the Laboratory of Applied Psychology (2017-2018)

Daniela Bernaschi, Research Visitor at the Department of Sociology’s Laboratory of Social Analysis and Applied Social Research, and the research project TransSOL (01/10/2017 – 31/10/2017).

Michela Schroder-Abe, Professor in the University of Potsdam, UCRC Visiting Research Professor at the Laboratory of Applied Psychology


Antonis Vradis, Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow, Loughborough University, UCRC Visiting Researcher at the Laboratory of Social Analysis and Applied Social Research