Special Education

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Elias Kourkoutas

Academic Institutions
Department of Primary Education (UoC), Department of Psychology (UoC), Department of Preschool Education (UoC)


Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, Children-Adolescents with Developmental, Cognitive/Intellectual, , Social-Emotional,  Behavioral Learning Disorders, Chronic Illness, Multiple Disabilities, Targeted Clinical, Psychosocial, Psycho- educational  Intervention within and out of School, Support for Learning, Innovative Practices/ Art-therapy, Inclusive Education Measures of Diagnosis/ Assessment of Disorders/ Disabilities, Classroom management. Family based Interventions, Counseling of Parents of children/ adolescents with SEN. Methodology-Statistics

Professional Outcome
Special Educators-School Psychologists in Private and Public Sector (Schools/ Educational settings, Rehabilitation Centers/ Hospitals, Specialized Centers for Children/Adolescents with Developmental, Cognitive /Intellectual, Social-Emotional,  Behavioral Learning Disorders, Chronic Illness, Multiple Disabilities/ Speech Therapy, Centers for Diagnosis and Assessment of Disabilities/ SEN/ Disorders)

Program duration
4 semesters

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tel: +30 2831077639

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