Center for the Study of Gender (Gender Lab)
Director: Vasiliki Petousi  2831077485

The interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Gender (Gender Lab) aims at forming and developing a creative research environment and ensuring open and interdisciplinary collaboration and research on gender and equality. It was established in 2004 while from 2009 the Gender Lab acquired independent legal status. It is located in the UCRC-UoC at the Gallos Campus in Rethymnon Crete where its archival material and its academic and research activities are housed.

The Gender Lab conducts, supports, and houses research and studies that focus on gender and equality. It has ensured collaborations with other similar Research Centers and Organizations and is always open to collaborations with the aim of studying, understanding, and overcoming gender and social discrimination. The Lab promotes initiatives that contribute to gender awareness within the academic community, social institutions, and society in general. Working towards this end, the Gender Lab organizes outreach and collaboration activities with various social partners and the general public, such as conferences, presentations, exhibitions, open lectures and discussions on and off campus.

The Gender Lab has all the necessary equipment to support teaching and lecturing as well as an extensive collection of archived material that is available to researchers, students and anyone interested in gender and equality issues.

Current Research Projects
Livestock farming culture in Ida communities (Psiloritis Geopark) as a reality
coverage experience and digital repository of Intangible Cultural Heritage of 
the mountain. In collabortation with the Optical Anthropology Lab.  
ΕΥ for the UoC Aris Tsantiropoulos, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, UoC. For the Gender Lab, Vasiliki Pertousi, Associate Professor Department of Sociology, UoC, Gender Lab’s Director. 
Χρηματοδότης: Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK)
The purpose of the project is to develop digital and augmented reality application accounts of (moving) pastoralism as part of the intangible cultural heritage of Psiloritis. The Gender Laboratory contributes to all aspects fo the project. It focuses on women’s accounts and experiences and studies moving pastoralism under the ‘gender lense’.  


SOCIOΒΙΟTALK: The scientific discourse on biotechnology and biomedicine. Sociological, legal, and bioethical analyses.
ΕΥ: Vasiliki Petousi, Associate Professor Department of Sociology, UoC, Gender Lab’s Director. 
Χρηματοδότης: General Secretary of Research/UoC Special Account for Research
Περιγραφή: The project analyzes the social, legal, bioethical and gender dimensions of biotechnological (eg genetically modified foods, energy plants) and biomedical applications (with an emphasis on medically assisted reproduction).
Comparative analysis of social, demographic and health characteristics of women and their partners who resort to assisted reproduction methods and women and their partners who reproduce without assisted reproduction methods.
ΕΥ: Β. Vasiliki Petousi, Associate Professor Department of Sociology, UoC, Gender Lab’s Director
Without funding
The project focuses on the study of issues related to the use of medically assisted reproduction methods and their consequences for the persons involved. The analysis is performed comparatively to corresponding groups that reproduce without resorting to assisted reproduction methods.  The Urban Non-Profit Company Fainareti cooperates in the project with Ms. Maria Dagla Asst. Professor at the University of Western Attica
ACTiWA: Autonomous and Connected Transport in Women’s Activities
ΕΥ: Elia Vardaki. Postdoctoral researcher, Gender Lab
Without funding.
The project focuses on analyzing issues related to the development of autonomous mobility technology (eg autonomous vehicles) from a gender perspective.
  • Gallos University Campus, Rethymno, ΤΚ 74100
  • 28310-77100 , 28310-77102

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