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The idea of establishing a Research Center dedicated to the study of Humanities, Social and Education Sciences was formulated long before 2000, when it started to materialize. The idea received support during the Rectorate (of the late) Christos Nikolaou and Aggelos Kranidis as well as Michalis Damanakis and a series of subsequent deliberations that took place in the University's Departments, Schools and the Senate during the academic year of 2000 – 2001.

Focusing on the institutional dimension and the construction of facilities, the discussions continued during Rectors Ioannis Pallikaris and Euripides Stefanou. In 2009, the initial institutional framework was shaped and decided upon by the Senate of the University of Crete. The first Administrative Board was comprised by the Director, Professor Michael Damanakis (former Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs), the Deputy Director, Professor Skevos Papaioannou, and the Deans of the three Faculties located in the Rethymno Campus, Professors Alexis Kalokerinos, Panayiotis Michailidis and Athanasios Papadopoulos. The main purpose of the first Administrative Board was to incorporate research laboratories of the three faculties in UCRC, following a set of scientific criteria and to provide space to those units. This institutional framework was followed by Skevos Papaioannou (Director) and Panayiotis Michailidis (Deputy Director).

The initial institutional framework was revised by Maria Kousis (Director) and Pantelis Kalaitzidakis (Deputy Director) and approved by the University Senate in 2015, under the Rectorate of Euripidis Stefanou. It established a new elected administrative scheme based on an equal representation of all three faculties in its Administrative Board and allowed the integration of independent researchers outside of laboratories, as well as postgraduate programs. Published in the Government Gazette, the new institutional framework was implemented in 2016, with the election of its first five-member Administrative Board (Director, Professor Maria Kousis). In 2021, the second Administrative Board was elected (Director, Professor Stella Giakoumaki).


2009: Decision of the Senate of the University of Crete on the initial institutional framework

2015: Approval of the first institutional framework

2016: Election of the first Administrative Board

2017: Inauguration of the Center

2021: Election of the second Administrative Board


  • Gallos University Campus, Rethymno, ΤΚ 74100
  • secretary@keme.uoc.gr
  • 28310-77100 , 28310-77102

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