Laboratory of Psychology and Special Education

The main goals and objectives of the Laboratory are the followings:
(a) reinforcement and promotion of basic and advanced research in  the areas of developmental, cognitive, school/educational psychology, and special education,
(b) implementation and evaluation of innovative intervention programs-practices targeting students with a variety of difficulties/disorders (cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral or language and writing problems),
(c) provision of clinical (diagnostic-intervention) services to students and families with difficulties/disorders, as well as
(d) training seminars and professional or research support of researchers/school professionals (teachers/ school psychologists/ social workers, etc.) regarding the development and evaluation of psychosocial and learning (oral/writing) skills of their students

Current Research Projects

1. Development of Metacognitive Strategies and Interactive Learning Systems: Design, implementation and evaluation of an interactive learning environment for teaching factual texts (E. Vasilaki)

2. Identifying and classifying the factors that determine the identity of future teachers in mathematics (E. Vasilaki & M. Anastasakis)

3. Identifying autobiographical memories and investigating the sociocultural factors that contributes to the formation of the identity of future teachers in mathematics and science. (E. Vasilaki & M. Anastasakis)

4. Exploring the SPAARS cognitive model of emotion production in children and adults (E. Vasilaki)

5. Development and norming of a new tool for assessing vocabulary development in preschool and elementary school children. (Self-funded, PI Mouzaki Angeliki)

6. Psychosocial characteristics, Perceived Relationships with Parents, Teachers and Peers and victimization in school age children with and without Special Educational Needs (2023)( Funded by Special Account for Research UC)(PI Elias Kourkoutas)

7. Resilience and Perceived Relationships with Parents and Teachers in Children and Adolescents with and without Emotional/Behavioral Problems (EBP): Art based methods of diagnosis and evaluation (2017-18 Funded by Special Account for Research UC -) (2023 Self funded) (PI Elias Kourkoutas)

8. School Climate, Stress and Resilienc in Teachers of General and Specila Education Ψυχική Ανθεκτικότητα και Άγχος Εκπαιδευτικών Ειδικής και Γενικής Αγωγής (Self funded)(2022-23) (PI Elias Kourkoutas)

  • Gallos University Campus, Rethymno, ΤΚ 74100
  • 28310-77100 , 28310-77102

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