Centre for Intercultural and Migration Studies


-Τo investigate and promote educational issues regarding Diaspora Greeks
-To investigate and promote educational issues regarding repatriated Greeks and immigrants in Greece
-To ensure pre- and in-service training for educators wishing to teach the Greek language as a second and a foreign language to student populations both abroad and in Greece
-To produce educational material for the teaching of Greek as second and a foreign language and to elements of Greek history and culture to the aforementioned categories of students.
Current Research Projects
  • The Director of the Centre, Dr. Michalakaki, Kontogianni and Dr. Thomou take part in a UNICEF-funded capacity-building seminar for teachers (Teach4Integration, Dec.2022-July 2023) which is coordinated by the University of Thessaly (Prof. G. Androulakis) and operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. Dr. Chatzidaki and Dr. Thomou are responsible for producing educational material for two thematic units offered at the seminar.
  • Chatzidaki and Dr. Thomou participate in the ERASMUS+ KA220-HED (Cooperation in Higher Education) Global Teacher Education (GatherEd) programme representing the University of Crete. The programme is coordinated by the University of Iceland (Haskoli Islands), and also involves the following international partners:
  • Universitetet i Oslo (Norway),
  • Universidad de Granada (Spain),
  • Oranim Academic College of Education-The Kibbutz Movement (Israel)
  • July 2023-a three-week Summer School (Modern Greek language courses) for Australian University students who take Greek language courses at the University of Flinders, Adelaide, Australia (LOGOS Australian Centre for Hellenic Language & Culture).
  • Gallos University Campus, Rethymno, ΤΚ 74100
  • secretary@keme.uoc.gr
  • 28310-77100 , 28310-77102

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